An agreeable and comfortable working environment is essential in today’s world of work as it keeps up the employee morale and thus has a considerable influence on a company’s success. Work stations with anti-fatigue equipment are an important factor in this respect. It ensures that employee health is not affected and helps reduce the time taken off due to health problems, and also increases productivity.

Especially for jobs involving long hours of standing or frequent walking around, the FLOCKAN® ERGO FLOOR mats contribute to making work more comfortable and safer. The anti-fatigue mats provide safety and lower liability exposure thanks to their anti-slip surface and resilience. They keep muscles active and relieve strain on leg and lower back muscles, which in turn effectively prevents fatigue. In addition to this, they absorb noise and provide insulation against cold floors.

FLOCKAN® ERGO FLOOR has been developed for use in dry working areas.

The Work Station mats of the  FLOCKAN® ERGO FLOOR line are produced out of high quality vinyl foam which keep the resilience permanently. The distinct anti-slip surface (R11!) according DIN 51130 is given. Due to the close cell structure of the material are the FLOCKAN® ERGO FLOOR mats extremely tear proofed and own excellent cushioning properties. Even long lasting usage impares not the comfort and resilience of the mats. They are resistent against the most industrial used chemicals. They are easy to lay and because of the non-linear surface easy to clean.

FLOCKAN® ERGO FLOOR Max with yellow signal stripes.

Available in rolls or as work mats.