Decontamination mat for controlling environmental contaminations.

DECON MAT prevent contamination shoe soles and trolley wheels.

  1. Peel-off adhesive mats

  2. All sheets are numbered for controling the changing frequency

  3. Each mat can be easily drawn off without cleaning.

  4. Does not slide on the floor because of self adhesive bottom side.

  5. Can also bring on the floor with fitting plastic frame.

  6. Thanks to its antibacterial glue, retains dust and bacteria and microorganisms.

  7. No trip hazard because of entire height of less than 2 mm.

Adhesive Mat with strong adhesion prevents the deposit of particels in Clean Rooms

Wide application range for:

  1. Food Industry

  2. Pharmaceutical Industry

  3. Hospitals (e.g. surgery areas)

  4. Instrumentation-, Nuclear-, Electronics-, Aerospace-Industries

  5. all other clean production areas

Frame made of plastic in fitting sizes available.

Package unit 5 mats with 30 adhesive mats.