The wet area flooring DUROWALK is made of solid and recyclable LDPE and EVA. The flooring is ideal for use in dressing rooms, saunas, swimming pool surroundings and other wet spaces where mats have to stay in place an to provide added safety and comfort.

DUROWALK feels comfortable even under bare feet. It can be easiliy cleaned and its structure facilitates the fast removal of water. Even elderly people and children can safely wash up without fear of falling.

The mat withstands a wide variation in temeperature and everyday wear an tear.

You can easily cut it to suits it purpose. Two or more mats can be connected together with specially made connector clips.

Available in light blue, blue, grey and light grey-speckled


Width: 600 mm

Length: from 600 mm to complete roll with 15 rm.

Height: 8,5 mm