FLOCKAN® - Mouldings, equipment grips and physical therapy products

The high quality and durable molded handles and are characterized by the use of high-quality raw materials. Our polyurethane moldings are manufactured in the ISM technology (Integral Skin Moulding).

The outer skin is a protective layer that allows an extremely high stress, core and outer skin are integrating into one another. The extraordinary durability is achieved by a manufacturing process that consists of a single commodity, the outer skin and the honeycomb connects inextricably linked.

A separation of the outer skin and honeycomb structure is impossible without a mechanical destruction of the entire form part.

Equipment Rolls

durable equipment rolls made of polyurethane 

Equipment Grips

universal grips out of vinyl


Mould parts and products for using in physiotherapy

Shoulder Protection Roll

tough shoulder protection roll made of polyurethane

Grips for Dumbbells

high quality grips for dumpbells