Head cushions and head rests

FLOCKAN® Head cushions out of polyurethane and head rests out of acryl

Head cushions

FLOCKAN® head cushions are moulded in one piece. The outer skin represents a protective coating, treated with special antibacterial and fungicidal additives.

The head cushions are sweat and saliva resistent according to DIN 53160. All cushions are produced out of high quality materials. All head cushions are „MADE IN GERMANY“.

Smallest hollow chambers for permant elasticity ensure dimensional stability. Due to the nonporous surface penetrates no sweat and saliva. Therefore FLOCKAN® head cushions are extremly easy to clean.

Head rests clear and milky

FLOCKAN® head rests are made of one piece. According to DIN 53160 they are sweat and saliva resistent.

Available in clear Styrolux or milky PP.